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Smallville 100

Smallivlle' 100th episode, "Reckoning," aired last night. There was much hype leading up to the episode, as it was advertised that a main character would die. This ties-in to Clark's resurrection earlier in the season, as nature is balancing itself out. That's the best aspect about Season 5, the continuity. But back to the matter at hand, what about "Reckoning"? It had a bold opening with Clark revealing his secret to Lana and taking her to the Fortress of Solitude. Not only that, he proposed to her and she accepted. Also, Johnathan Kent has won the election for the Kansas Senate, beating out none other than Lex Luthor. A distraught Lex calls Lana, who goes to the Luthor mansion to console him. When Lex notices Lana's engagement ring, he realizes she would never agree to marry Clark wihout him revealing his secrets to her, and demands to know what they are. Lana flees, but Lex pursues, resulting in a fatal car accident. Lana had called Clark who arrives too late to save her. Lana is dead. A bold move on the part of the writers, or is it? More on that later, but looking at where Clark is in his life and in regards to his relationship with Lana, it makes sense for her to be the one to die. Clark does not end up with her, she's the girl he leaves behind, but they way they were in "Smallville" her death seemed to have been the only way Clark would move on from her. That, and it was because of her that Clark disobeyed his biological father Jor-El and did not return to the Fortress of Solitude to continue his Kryptonian education, resulting in the loss of his powers and eventual death. Clark was resurrected, but was warned his life would be exchanged for another, someone he loved. So this all added up and made perfect sense. But not so fast. Enraged and in tears, Clark goes to the Fortress and demands Jor-El reverse what has happened. He offers Clark one crystal, of which there is only one of, to change the way things happened. He also warns him that nature will balance itself one way or another, but Clark ignores this, desperate to save Lana. He inserts the crystal into the console and finds himself back to before he told Lana his secret. She arrives expecting something big as he had told her to dress warm for "a day she'd never forget" but he plays it off as nothing. Fed up with his secrets, she tells him they need a break from each other. Things continue to proceed just a bit differently the rest of the day, in particular Lana and Lex's conversation. Instead of flipping out at her, they have a heart-to-heart, as she tells him her and Clark are through. He kisses her, which she isn't too happy about, but tells him it's okay but she should leave now. He ends up following her to apologize for his actions, and the fatal car wreck almost happens, but this time Clark is there to prevent it. However, while Johnathan stopped at the car wreck before, he continues on back to his farm where Lionel Luthor, Lex's father waits for him. Having financed much of his campaign, Lionel tells Johnathan he expects them to be partners in his Senatorship, and reveals a mysterious picture about a Kent secret that sends Johnathan off the deep end (we assume it's something about Clark). He beats up Lionel pretty bad and tells him to get off his property, which he does, but not before retrieving the photograph. But Johnathan isn't the same; his heart is acting up again. He staggers into the driveway of the farm, where Clark and Martha have just arrived. There he collapses, and dies in their arms of a heart attack. Fate has found it's victim. This is especially tragic for Clark, who has not only inadvertantly caused the death of his father, but he's lost Lana as well. Johnathan Kent dying was THE most prediactable scenario, as he had died in earlier version of the comics, and in the original Superman films (of which "Smallville" bases ,uch of its mythology on). I hated to see him go, he's an important influence on Clark and a strong moral presence. But as much as I didn't like what happened, the episode was excellently done from start to finish. The switching deaths can be seen as a cop-out, but I still think it was well done (even though I would have MUCH prefered Johnathan die first, then Clark goes back to fix it only Lana dying as a result). My only reservation is turning Superman int Spider-Man with a death-motivated drive to heroism. Making Clark responsible, however indirectly, for his father's death is really getting into that territory. "Smallville" has been excellent this season, the second best behind the never-to-be-beat Season 1, and I look forward to the continuing journey of Clark Kent into the man who would be Superman. R.I.P Johnathan Kent, you will be missed.
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